Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thaksin surfaces in Liberia...looking for telecom license

Thaksin Shinawatra has landed in Liberia, western Africa, from Dubai. What's he after? Surprise, surprise. He told Vice President Joseph Baokai that he would like to invest in mining, and a concession in telecommunications as well as Lottery.

Of course, if he reads history, he would realize that Liberia went through a civil war during 1989 and 2003 which had a devastating effect on that country's economy and is only now recovering. Thaksin would do well to read about how Charles Taylor, the former president, had to flee the country when he was charged with serious corruption offences.


anon said...

When Thaksin started getting in to the telecom business, Thailand had been ruled by an unelected general for 8 years, and in that same period had seen 2 bloody but unsuccessful coup attempts. The communist insurgency was only freshly crushed, and there were regular assassination plots against senior figures (just ask PAD-leader Pallop Pinmanee). Hardly the most orthodox environment for a big capital-intensive technological investment.

But driving good returns out of such risky prospects is what Thaksin has been good at.

By the way, Liberia currently has a pretty awesome female President. Gave an interview with John Stewart on the Daily Show last night.

antithaksin said...

Anon is either confused by himself or misleading others by his messages
(1) Gen.Pallop Pinmanee is never a PAD leader. Apart from being a colleague (?classmate) of Maj.Gen.Chamlong Srimuang, they take differnt paths and styles. PAD core leaders never accept Pallop to replace Chamlong when Chamlong was arrested during the past BKK election.
(2) Instead, Pallop used to serve under Thaksin's government, most renown of human's rights violation and massacre at Kru Se and Tak Bai in the south.
(3) After Thaksin fled the court to China, Gen.Pallop flew to China to visit Thaksin just to get a pair of golf shoes to be referred by Thaksin later about Pallop's suggestion of the masterminders of 2006 coup.
(4) Gen.Pallop promised to give a speech on the red-shirts stage whenever there would be a shooting breakout, Just like Thaksin who promised to come to lead the red grassroots on a E-Tan tractor if the first shot pronounced. Both practice the same thing when the first shooting brokeout, they left the red-shirts stranded by themselves.

antithaksin said...

Thaksin has never been good at any fair competitions where he does not get a full control of the rules and the referees.

Initially, after leaving the police service, Thaksin used to fail badly in his computer sale business, "Shinawatra Computer".

Only when later in 1990, he successfully approached the dictators.
Thaksin has made his fortune by collaborating with Gen.Sunthorn Kongsompong, the military coup leader who gave Thaksin the monopolized concession on telecommuncation which followed by the Thai Com satelliate and the success of Shin Corp.

Later, even more corrupt was that he got the insider's info of the upcoming floating of baht on July 1, 1997. This made him very rich while other Thais lost.

See more of Thaksin's wickedness in

antithaksin said...


So Why Thaksin Went To Liberia, Simply
(1) He is seeking another backup sanctuary (after Montenegro and Nicaragua) since he is as always a coward fugitive on the run, who just recently utterly failed the conspiracy to overthrow PM Abhisit by red riots and the wicked coup attempt failed. Moreover, he got caught off-guard on three major international media on April 13, 2009
(2) He sees the weak points in Liberia's administration, either corrupt bureacrats, corrupt leaders, wide social gaps, weak democracy, weak media and the richness in country's natural resources.
(3) He is abandoning his poor red-shirts whom he is really fed up with 500-baht perhead line-up payment, as he subconsciously complained in his phone-in instigation.


antithaksin said...

Actually, we did not have to go as far as Liberia to see what Thaksin would do with Liberia.
When Thaksin was in power, he authorized his cabinet to vote for Thailand's state-own Export-Import Bank (EXIM bank) to give away hundreds of million baht (state's money from tax payers) interest-free loan to the dictator military regime of Myanmar (Burma) under a secretive condition that Myanmar is to buy telecommunication products from Thaksin's Shin Corp. Thaksin is indicted for this one.
Thailand now has difficulties to get the repayment from the Myanmar.

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