Monday, April 6, 2009

Thaksin bets on his April 8 March

When Thaksin Shinawatra made another "appearance" through the video link last night, you could feel that he was desperate for lots of his supporters to come out on April so that he could "create history."

He repeatedly appealed to the red-shirted protestors to come out in full force to
put an end to coups, once and for all." You could also sense that he wasn't really confident that the crowd would be huge enough to make a real impact. That's why he kept coming back to: "You have to come out on April 8...Please come out...Make sure you are out on April 8."

The more he repeated the request-cum-command, the more you could detect his sense of uncertainty. If the April 8 campaign doesn't deliver the final blow, Thaksin knows that he is headed for oblivion and more trouble.

Last night's theme was a replay of his earlier attacks on Privy Council President Gen Prem Tinsulanonda. But to the list of "unelected PMs," he added Anand Panyarachun as well, piling up more enemies along the way.

Where is Thaksins? "I am definitely not in Cambodia as alleged. I will be on the road again tomorrow. So, I won't be speaking to you through the video link," he told the red-shirted crowd.

He wouldn't say where he was or where he was going. One thing is sure, he said, he isn't in Cambodia or headed towards that way.

Catch me if you can. That seems to be his buzzwords.

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