Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The sound clip that boomerangs

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva admits that he was "angry" over the doctored clip that portrayed him as having told the military and police officers back in April that he wanted to crack down with force against the protestors.

His supporters point an accusing finger at "people close to the Pheau Thai Party." In fact, police raided the office of SC Assets Co whose manging director is none other than Yingluck Shinawatr, Thaksin's sister, who has been poised to take a leading role in the party.

The company issued a statement saying that the two employees arrested had not been involved in the doctoring of the sound clip. They admitted to police that they had downloaded the clip and forwarded it to other people. That act along, Abhisit has said, is punishable under the new cyber law.

Chalerm Yoobamrung, Pheau Thai's chief MP, hurled a countere-charge yesterday. He said the doctoring might have been carried out by people close the PM himself, either as an act of betrayal or as a political ploy with some ulterior motives.

Some of the PM's men say they are determined to prove that Pheau Thai was behind this move to discredit the prime minister. They want to collect sufficient evidence to submit to the National Election Commission. If it is proved that a political party is involved in such an illegal act, it could face dissolution.

Thaksin Shinawatr is due to speak in his net radio programme this evening. If he makes any mention of that, he will surely deny any involvement. Some overzealous aides had simply gone for an "overkill" that boomeranged.

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