Friday, April 15, 2011

It's nothing if not bluffing

The bluffing game has started. Pheau Thai says it could win up to 270 seats in the upcoming election to form a one-party government. PT Spokesman Prompong Nopparit says the Democrat Party will come a distant second.

Today, Democrat Spokesman Thepthai Senpong hit back, saying that Pheau Thai was only bluffing. "They expect to create a sort of a buzz by citing the 270 number," he told reporters on a "dry-news" but wet Songkran Day news briefing.

Naturally, Thepthai couldn't get away with just a counter-bluff. He was pressed by reporters to come up with an estimate of his own party's seats to be won in the election.

The Democrat spokesman said: "200 plus or minus 10." And, that, he claimed, also goes for the Pheau Thai as well.

It's all guess work, of course. The campaigns have hardly begun. The House has yet to be dissolved. The people have yet to hear what both major parties have to offer. But they are already edging the other side off the table.

Don't believe any of those claims. Lots of voters have yet to make up their minds.

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Steve said...

Thepthai also claimed his party would get 51 list seats - that's 55% more than 2007. I think I'll file that one with Abhisit's claim to be finding 25-30% support in the Northeast.

But, yes, you're right - all sides are just talking up their game..... nothing new. But it's not all guesswork - PT, Dems and Army are all polling like crazy. Something tells me two of these really don't like what they're finding - hence their boosted "PT are anti-monarchy" chorus. This is all going to get a lot dirtier.