Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top brass speak out: Trust us, no coup

After days of rumours about "a quiet coup," the military top brass launched an unprecedented move yesterday by calling a meeting of all the commanders of the army, navy and air force as well as the national police force and declared: There will definitely be no coup.

This statement followed repeated accusations by red-shirt leaders that some military elements were plotting a coup. Then came an interview given by Sodsri Sattayatham, a member of the Election Commission, saying she had heard that a "quiet coup" was being planned by a group of army leaders, so much so that they were discussing nominees as the new premier and Cabinet members.

Today's "action" by the military leaders won't put an end to the rumours. It has only added new ingredients to the rumour-mills, that's all.

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Steve said...

Interesting to note the rest of The Nation's "NO COUP" front page..... no connection?


I agree that the rumours/denial cycle is unlikely to stop. As we've seen in 2006, there was a chain of coup denials almost up to the day the coup happened. For a handy reference for the main 2006/2011 denials see the list of links compiled at http://tinyurl.com/3ez44xn