Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thaksin kicks off election campaign in new phone-in

Thaksin Shinawatra, in his lengthy phone-in to the red-shirts in Udon Thani last night effectively kicked off his election campaign with his series of populist planks.

He said "all polls" say Pheau Thai Party will win more than half of the seats. He declared that he will make his election platform public on April 24.

"I will revive Thailand within six months. After the first three months, the headache will be gone. The following three months, people will have money to spend, lots of money in everybody's pocket..." he said.

He proposed that farmers should be issued "cash cards" to be used in buying production tools. "Farmers don't have to be in debt anymore. They can their own creditors..." he said, without elaborating.

He specifically told Udon candidates: "Any district that can win an election will see me spending the night there as a gesture to pay back poliltical debt. Make sure, Udon, that you don't miss even one seat. Next time, make a clean sweep," he instructed.

Thaksin said he was frustrated at some Pheau Thai MPs trying to put pressure on him to come up with the name of the party's candidate to be the next prime minister.

"I am sick and tired of these people. We are in the opposition. What's the hurry about naming our candidate as prime minister? Wait until the House is dissolved...and I will let you know the name," he said.

There is no doubt things are heating up and Thaksin wants to make sure he is up front. But first, he has to put his own house in order. Second, he has to be able to answer the questions posed by his party members over issues he finds "quite frustrating..."

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william scorpion said...

just makes me sick to know he have not given up in thai politics...