Friday, April 1, 2011

Sanoh heading Pheua Thai? Not an April's Fool joke?

Sanoh Tientong, the new Pheau Thai leader?

It isn't an April's Fool joke. But then, not many political observers here take it too seriously either.

Nobody has confirmed that story so far. Sanoh Tienthong himself warns us to watch out for a big "surprise" this evening.

He has admitted that Pheau Thai's leaders have asked him to join the party. And he says he is inclined towards accepting the offer.

Has Thaksin Shinawatra called him to ask him to lead the party in the next election? Nobody knows for sure. But the rumour-mills have been abuzz with speculation that Thaksin now wants Sanoh to help him head the party.

So, it's not Mingkwan Saengsuwan. Not his sister Yingluck? No doubt, you can detect a deepening sense of desperation there. Sanoh, by the way, is the head of Pracharaj Party with about 8 MPs under his command.

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