Thursday, September 22, 2011

The real PM? Super-coach? The party's real owner?

Thai Rath and Matichon ran a similar story reporting that Thaksin Shinawatra was on Skype joining a conference of Premier Yingluck's Cabinet yesterday at Pheu Thai Party's headquarters.

It wasn't just a "Hi!" kind of greeting. Thaksin spent about one hour, according to the reports, going into detail on what the ministers should be doing -- how they should handle the floods and what to do after the floods. He also told them to form committees to oversee the aid programmes for flood victims. He urged them to get experts to join their tasks, no matter which side they are on.

"You must be able to accomplish what you have promised to do," Thaksin said.

Of course, throughout all this, PM Yingluck was listening attentively.

It's not clear what role Thaksin was playing in that conference: The real prime minister? The party's owner? A PM's super-coach.

But then, does it really matter what you call him?

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