Monday, September 19, 2011

What did PM Yingluck tell her brother?

So, Premier Yingluck did get in touch with her brother Thaksin Shinawatra. Or that's why he told a group of red-shirt sympathisers who met him at a Phnom Penh hotel over the weekend.

This picture, published in Matichon daily this morning, confirmed that Thaksin had a series of meetings with his supporters from Thailand. But we have yet to see pictures showing his reported meetings with some prominent political figures from Bangkok and some well-known fugitives.

Thaksin did tell the supporters: "This morning, Prime Minister Poo (Yingluck) called me saying that she had not had enough sleep -- and that she was snowed under with work. She told me she was to be accompanied by the army chief to inspect the floods -- and that the military is offering good coopertion..."

The premier might have told Thai reporters that she wasn't aware of Thaksin's visit to Cambodia but she certainly knew how to call him on the phone.

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