Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thawil: If the police chief takes my post, where do I go?

Thawil Pliensri,the secretary general of the National Security Council, suddenly found himself without a job when it was announced by Deputy PM Chalerm Yoobamrun that the national police chief, Police Gen Vichien Poj-posri, was to be made the NSC's secretary general.

But where was Thawil going then?

There was no answer to that obvious question. Chalerm might have solved the Vichien issue but he created a new problem with Thawil.

Thawil's post comes under another deputy premier, Police Gen Kovit Wattana, who apparently hadn't been consulted about Vichien's move.

Thawil told reporters then that if he was moved unfairly, he would appeal to the Administration Court and an official committee that hears complaints about unfair treatment among bureaucrats.

That could spark another huge problem. After all, it was Deputy PM Kovit, when he was police chief and was to be transferred to another post by the then PM, Gen Surayud Chulanont, who had appealed to the court and managed to get a verdict in his favour. That meant that the PM could not move Kovit without him consent. He hadn't done anything wrong and political reasons alone can't be used to move senior officials around.

Thawil was thinking of following his current boss' path.

PM Yingluck Shinawatra seems to have come to the realization that if Thawil decided to take that action, more confusion could follow because a long list of transfers is in the works and Thawil could set the ball rolling.

So, PM Yingluck now says she will talk to Thawil about the latter's future.Why didn't she assign Chalerm to put out the fire?

Apparently, Chalerm is better at creating a storm than to put one out!

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