Sunday, September 25, 2011

What about a soccer match between Yingluck Cabinet and Abhisit's Shadow Cabinet?

The red-shirt leaders say after the Thai-Cambodian soccer match in Phnom Penh yesterday, the next step would be to hold similar matches in other neighbouring countries such as Laos, Burma and probably Malaysia, to enhance good relations between the two countries.

That should prompt a more relevant question: Why not organize soccer matches in Thailand for the sake of improving relations between the conflicting parties? Obviously, that's a more urgent issue -- and if sports could bring neighbours closer together, why not use them for domestic reconciliation?

My proposal is therefore for the Yingluck Cabinet to challenge Abhisit's shadow Cabinet in a soccer match in a friendly and constructive game that could raise a good sum of money to help the flood victims.

Natural disasters have after all helped solve age-old conflicts in a number of other countries before. What about Thailand now?

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