Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cabinet reshuffle? What reshuffle? The PM isn't aware of any.

Someone snapped this picture in front of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel Friday amidst rumours in Bangkok that some members of Pheu Thai Party had flown there to discuss with Thaksin Shinawatra the possibility of a Cabinet reshuffle.

The woman on the left does look like Yaowapa Wongsawasdi, Thaksin's sister, and the man on the right bears some resemblance of Varathep Rattanakorn, a former Cabinet member and a close aide to Thaksin. Whether they were there to meet the former premier or not wasn't confirmed although the speculation went so far as to pin down five Cabinet seats that were to be replaced in the new line-up that was supposed to be put into effect after the New Year.

I am not sure who the "sources" were. But it is clear that the rumours had been spread from with the Pheu Thai Party, most likely from those who would like to see changes made in the current Cabinet composition. Those Cabinet members "targetted" for changes have publicly said they aren't aware of any forthcoming changes.

Most significantly, perhaps, was Premier Yingluck's statement in response to questions from reporters about the rumoured Cabinet reshuffle. She said she wasn't aware of any upcoming changes -- and she insisted that no changes were being contemplated.

So, what were they doing in Singapore?

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