Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jatuporn as government spokesman?

It's more than just pure speculation. Jatuporn Prompan, Pheu Thai MP, red-shirt leader and outstanding public speaker may become the government spokesman -- especially if he is stripped of his MP's status.

The Election Commission has ruled that he is disqualified as MP because he hadn't exercised his voting rights in a previous election. The case now goes to the Constitutional Court to hand down the final verdict.

Jatuporn has warned that if his foes weren't careful, they would be making the mistake of edging him out onto the streets which could be more dangerous than allowing him to continue to be an MP. In other words, he could bring the mob out again if ousted from the House of Representatives.

It was at this time that rumours started to fly that Jatuporn as replace Thitima Chaisaeng as the government spokesman -- and Thitima, at least publicly, doesn't seem to mind.

"Khun Jatuporn is much more aggresive than I am. That would be good for the government," she said.

Red-shirt members have been increasingly demanding the rights to put their men and women into government positions claiming that they had been instrumental in boosting the chances of Pheu Thai in winning the last election.

Jatuporn hasn't made any comment on his next post. He seems determined to fight to stay on as MP until the last minute, failing which he could then plot his next big move. Being government spokesman may be one of his strategies to remain politically active. But then there are Cabinet posts and other portfolios that his supporters may be demanding for him. His stars are clearly rising.

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