Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yingluck reveals 'the toughest part' of a premier's job

What's the most difficult part being prime minister? No, not fighting floods. Nor is it running the Cabinet. It's responding to reporters' questions every morning.

That's what Premier Yingluck Shinawatra has told reporters in an informal chat over the weekend in Chiang Mai during a break in her northern visit.

Yingluck, according to Matichon, said she had to read newspapers and monitor morning television news shows to prepare herself for the questions from the press corps every morning.

"My trick is to anticipate the questions from reporters by reading the papers and watching TV in the morning. If I am late on any particular day, it's because there are lots of hot issues on the plate," the premier said with a hearty laugh.

One would assume the premier would have her assistants brief her every morning on the hot issues and the questions she could expect from the reporters. From what she told the press, that obviously isn't the case. Maybe she is crying out for help through this chat with the press.No?

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