Thursday, May 14, 2009

If PAD becomes a party, who's going to be the leader?

Is it time to party for the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD)?

The core leaders seem to think so. That's why it has registered PAD as the name of the new political party with the National Election Commission although that doesn't necessarily mean that there is no turning back.

Officially, PAD leaders say they will reach a final decision on the next step only after they have sought the opinion of the majority of PAD members. That's why May 24-25 have been set as the dates for the national convention to decide on the issue.

Who's lead the party? Nation Weekender, in its latest edition (cover above), quoted an active member, Prapan Koonmee, as saying: "It's obvious that Sondhi Limthongkul should be the party leader once the party is set up. Of course, I also think that there should be collective leadership to back him up."

It's also Prapan who has also said that PAD, if it becomes a party, should draw on the best qualities of the Democrat and Palang Dharma Parties.

In that case, will a PAD party then compete with the Democrats for power and influence?

That, surely,is the inevitable next question that will dominate any discussion on the future of Thai politics.

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