Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kobsak: Me? Defecting to Pheau Thai?

Deputy Premier Kobsak Sabhavasu must have been quite amused to hear rumours that he was considering defecting from the Democrat Party to lead Thaksin Shinawatra's Pheau Thai Party.

"Have they forgotten that I was the author of a series of books exposing Thaksin's attempt to conceal his stocks and assets?" Kobsak asked reporters who had told him that some Pheau Thai executives were hinting that he was close to jumping ship because he was being ignored by his own party.

"They are talking about something really impossible. They have spread the rumours just to confuse people," Kobsak said.

Does he have any problems with some of his colleagues? You bet. But that doesn't mean he is sleeping with the enemy.

Just a reminder. Here is the picture of Kobsak,at the time in the opposition, launching his third book in a series entitled: "Who Says Rich Men Aren't Corrupt?"

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