Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Red News...all the news that fits your views

The Red News, a tabloid newspaper that will report all the "red" news and views, will hit the streets on May 29.

Promoters of the new paper, mostly core leaders of the red-shirted movement, say they don't have any "financiers" behind the new daily publication. In fact, they will be holding a fund-raising dinner to kick-start the launch.

Don't be surprised, then, if the first "exclusive interview" of the new paper will be with Thaksin Shinawatr. And there are no "ifs" and "buts" about where they stand politically on all the major issues of the day.


jimmy said...

Hi, Suthichi, I did really respect you as a good media person and hope that, as a media person you didn't need sided with any party or any side support and professional media, you did need to be as natural.But when i see the the Thailand situation, it was worse than, what i think or belive that, young educated, western eduacted person like abhisit, send the troopes to kill redshirt and think like a red shirt are not human or as a Thai.what wrong with you Thai media, media champion like The Nations and you all Editor from The Nation Media, no boody talk about the Humanright? and True Democracy. I know that, all this situation was handle by A lady and A man from Higher Palace and you are the Champion Media profession and train by American why you didn't said any thing about the those bloodshit happen in Thailand and you media and bangkok post want only the you benefit? didn't care the Thai to kill each other?where is you profession? and where the Thai True Democracy? i did really sorrow for that, and Thailand was used to be a Smile Land and since at the Ousted 2006 to Thaksin, Thailnd was become Mafia and becom Old Asian Region, Rule by the Mafia, Drug kingpin and Palace officer and Businees Families are ruling the Thailand.and wrong become right and right become wrong, one person did every things wrong and wrong person did everythings like legally. so i am asked you that where's Thai constituation and Thai Justice? It's like thailand when was 20 years i am only asked you that you and you media the nations at least show some sighn that, Thailand was leading wrong ways now and Thailand will be Broken like when Cambodia was four faction. do you want Thailand to become happen like that? at least you medias can play in proper way, hope that you will understand my opinion and you will do some thing to good for Thailand.

jimmy said...

on the other hand Thailand was leading like When cambodia was war, there are Hunsen, King Sirhanouk, Polpot, and uder the Iang Summarng. I don't want to be Thailand become like that, and now adays there are more Drug in every street of Bangkok and other city. Most young are either addict with Drug or most young lady become sex slave. it's like 80, 90 century, and there are rich are become more rich and poor are become no place to live or earn the money.It's really ashame and Thai are more suffer than before. those rubbish poll said that, Thai are more happy life? i DON'T KNOW THIS POLL PEOPLE REALLY PROFESSION? IN the west we saw every days Thai Image was wrong ways and Thailand become of no rule and justice. Only the rule and justice done or apply for those are Rich businees Families and Those in Higher palace and some Drug Kingpin and some Highest Military people. more saddist's alot Den professor become slave of Present Thai Goverment and Slave of Thai Queen, whose done very things to become as a realy power in Thailand.and whose didn't care poor Thai or Thailand. I did really sorrow for Thai Kings and he didn't have any power to control his own wife. This's amazing things and Thailand was become Mafia State. so i did really beg you that, please show something or did some things save next generations of young Thai and Future you brother&sister Thai.Thank you very much.