Saturday, May 23, 2009

What will Sondhi have to give up if he gives in to politics?

Sondhi Limthongkul hasn't said he will take over as leader of the new political party, set up by People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD). He says he will let the majority of PAD members who are meeting tomorrow to vote on the future of this social movement.

But if for some reasons, the PAD members should decide to make him the new party's leader, Sondhi will have to give up many things. Here are some of the questions being raised:

1. The constitution prohibits a politician from owning any media outlets. What's Sondhi's role in the ASTV media empire if he becomes a political star?
2. If he becomes a member of the party's executives, he won't be able to lead the PAD's extra-parliamentary activities as effectively as before.
3. Can he still host television programme if he takes up a post in the new Cabinet?
4. What's the PAD's relations with the Democrats if a new party is set up?

Obviously, there are more questionss than answers until a decision is made on PAD's future path which has become interwined with Sondhi's.

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