Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "Lone Rebel" among the Democrats...

He is the "lone rebel" in the Democrat Party. He is the only government MP who joined the anti-government "Red" rally. He railed against Foreign Minister Kasit Biromya. He asked for time to speak against the government during the opposition's censure debate in the House. He is still very much there in the eye of the storm.

Kiatikorn Pakpiensilp, Democrat MP from Prachinburi, has been dubbed: "That bizzare guy" by his fellow MPs. But he is determined to show that he is an "independent" representative of his constituency.

"I have not done what I have to make news. I simply want the country to return to peace and that there will be no more yellow or red factions. I want all factions to be able to co-exist peacefully," Kiatikorn said.

Very few people in his party believe his words, though. Will he jump ship in the next election? Well, he may not have to. His party will take care of that.

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