Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do they really want to talk to each other? Not now.

During the "Twitter interview" last night, I asked PM Abhisit whether he was willing to join a chat with Thaksin.

The first response was: "But I thought he didn't want to talk to me."

I told him that the ex-premier, in one of his recent statemennts, suggested that he was willing to talk to "anyone."

Abhisit then said: "But you and I are her. He is abroad."

I then suggested that we could chat through Twitter then -- to which the PM countered: "But the 140-character limit could be quite inhibiting."

When I asked whether that meant he wouldn't talk to Thaksin until he came home to serve his jail term, the PM said: "I want everyone to follow the law."

I told him he wasn't answering my question -- to which he said: "The answer was there."

The plain answer was, obviously, "No."

Thaksin emerged just now in his Twitter account to ask: "I have read the PM's Twitter interview. Why wouldn't I want to meet him? But I also understand that he has many problems on his hands. I can wait."

Time passes. Positions shift.

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