Monday, September 14, 2009

What's this "new state" all about?

Nobody is quite sure what Veera Mugsikapong, one of the three core leaders of the Red Shirted Movement, meant when he said a "new state" would be created and all we have to do is to follow his instructions.

He has yet to explain how the "new state" differs from the "present state" and whether it has anything to do with what Jakrapob Penkahri had described as a "revolution."

It gets more confusing when Thaksin Shinawatra, the real leader of the Red Shirts, has kept mum of such declarations. He has not made his position clear as to whether he is on Jakrapob's side or whether he still fully supports the "Red Trio."

If the Red Shirts want us to believe that a "new state" will be a much better place than the current state of affairs, then they should enlighten us with a clearer explanation where they are taking us.

They get us all excited about a new destination. But where is it? How do we get there? And where do we buy the ticket to get on board?


Mr. Wrigley said...

Perhaps they are tinkering with the idea of linking parts of the north and northeast and forming a new country--succession? Quite impractical, but could make for a useful threat.

Gin Freeces said...

I've wondered that new state they talked about, is the same as 'new politics' P.A.D. talks about.