Saturday, September 5, 2009

Red station banning Red leader's stories?

The Reds are on the verge of real break-up -- now that Thai Rath has reported that D-Station has banned any report on Jakrapob Penkair's opinions and movements.

Jakrapob has made it known through his articles in the Red publications that he considers the tactics employed by the "Trio Reds" -- Chatuporn, Veera and Nathawut --wrong and ineffective. Chatuporn has hit back with equally vehement statements, accusing Jakrapob of "fleeing the scene" and lacking in the political courage to lead the masses.

Jakrapob has suggested that the three core leaders are probably seeking self-interests rather than fighting for real democracy.

Thaksin Shinawatr has yet to make his position clear on which side he is on.

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Mihun said...

They're fun to watch. Gotta love them. Wonder how Taksin's going to handle this matter...