Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 'Politically Neutral' overtakes the 'Red' and 'Yellow.'

Several polls, both public and private, suggest that those who declare themselves "politically neutral" represent the highest number of voters, edging out the major parties such as Pheau Thai and Democrats.

It does suggest that people are getting "fed up with" politics and refusing to choose between "red" and "yellow."

The latest survey by Abac Poll of about 6,000 people in 28 provinces adds weight to that conclusion: Those who say: "We are neutral" came first in their political preferences while the Democrats came second and "others" -- Pheau Thai and coalition partners -- came a close third.

The poll also reported that in the Northeast, Pheau Thai runs neck and neck with "neutral" voters -- around 40 plus percentage points. The Democrats also r eceived a boost in that region -- about 13% positive vote, compared to around 5-7% in earlier surveys.

In almost all other regions, the survey suggested that the "politically neutral" voters would be the decisive factor in any race between the Democrats and Pheau Thai.

Again, my interpretaton is that the public has become so tired of the political impasse that a growing number of people have decided to call themselves "The Colorless" in their political leanings.

Sign of the changing times.

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