Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thaksin: First it was non-violence, now it's a people's army

Now, it's called "The People's National Army" and it's owned by Thaksin Shinawatr. He won't be the supreme commander. He will only be the "spiritual leader." He has appointed Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh as the commander.

Nobody is quite sure what this "private army" is all about. But, Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdipol, better known as "Seh Daeng," who was in Dubai with Gen Pallop Pinmani, for consultations with Thaksin made the announcement, without saying whether Gen Chavalit has accepted the offer to lead this new kind of army or not.

Thaksin himself hasn't said anything about that new move. But it's clear that everything that is said and done on his behalf focuses solely on the outcome of the Feb 26 court verdict on his Bt76,000m asset seizure case.

Thaksin has said he wanted to use non-violence and peaceful means in his struggle. How does a "people's army" headed by a retired general fit in with that "peace plan" remains a great mystery.

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KingTingTong said...

Still think the red shirt - yellow shirt - blue shirt B$ is simple distraction for the people to stay 'calm' as Abhisit wants it and the ones who are really in power.
Because these people never change, no matter which party wins, no matter if there is a coup, no matter if there is democracy or a dictatorship.
It's 'the news' - just like Chelsea vs. ManU... The real problems of the country are an elite feeding of the poor migrants, which are bullied by police even. No existing health insurance and social security. You either 'have some' or it's off to the construction site with you, living on a salary that can buy no house nor allows your children to go to university. It's the ruling class of wealthy third generation Chinese which run this place and it's looking like colonialism to me at times. But that is just my humble opinion...

All the best
put a smile on the rest!