Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thaksin-Abhisit's war of words over Feb 26 verdict

EX-PM Thaksin Shinawatra says he has been "robbed" by the Feb 26 verdict which ordered Bt46billion of his assets confiscated. He claims the court has been used by the government as a tool.

PM Abhishit Vejjajiva hits back today: "If the court is a government tool, why didn't they order the whole Bt76 billion seized?"

Abhisit also says that Thaksin had himself won many court cases before even though there were doubts among certain quarters about the verdicts.

"So, everyone should respect the court verdicts. With every verdict, there will always be satisfied and dissatisfied parties. I have never seen any loser in a verdict happy anyway," the PM says, in response to questions from print media editors, taped yesterday, and broadcast in his weekly programme on Channel 11 this morning.

Abhisit insists: "The government is not a party to the conflict. My duty is to protect national interests."

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