Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wear this T-shirt to scream out your peace message

This "Thai People Love Peace" T-shirt is part of the campaign to ask the Silent Majority to act to prevent violence in the wake of the expected upcoming politocal chaos.

"Let's stop being just bystanders. Let's become active peace-loving players," says the slogan of the movement being pursued by a group of businessmen, artists and scholars under the Yuwapat Foundation (มูลนิธิยุวพัฒน์).

The group of volunteers has produced video clips which have been aired on a number of free TV programmes calling upon the people to mobilize their efforts to ensure that violence doesn't break out.

The T-shirt if being sold for Bt100 each and available at all Se-ed branches throughout the country. If you want to buy a bulk of the shirts for distribution to your friends, call the foundation at 02-301-1093-6.

You can watch the "Thai People" video clip at

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