Saturday, April 24, 2010

After the Silom blasts, now they are back to the negotiation table

A new round of talks between the Red Shirt leaders and government representatives were supposed to have taken place last night. There were unconfirmed reports that they tentatively agreed to continue the negotiations on whether the new election should be held in 30 or 60 or 90 days.

The fact that they agreed to go back to the negotiation table was at last a breath of fresh air following the April 22 Silom shoot-out that claimed at least one life and nearly 100 injuries.

The Red leaders surprised some observers by offering to soften their stand: Instead of the original 15-day deadline, Veera Muksikapong, one of the three leaders, said the term could be extended to 30 days plus 60 days during which the Abhisit government could serve as the interim government.

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva refused to comment on the new turn of events. Nobody from the government side has made any statement so far. The only clear sign from the military was that Army Chief Anupong Paochinda insisted that he wouldn't send troops to crack down on the protesters at Rajprasong Intersection, preferring to see a political solution to the conflict.

Do I see light at the end of the tunnel? A very small glimmer of hope, yes. But the situation remains too fragile and complicated to make any certain prediction.

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Boonsong said...

I too hope that this is a glimmer of hope and that we will see a peaceful, rapid, and lasting solution to this matter