Friday, April 2, 2010

The Pinks are out to counter-balance the Reds

The "Pink Shirts" are out today! And their intention is clear: They are against the Reds' demand for a House dissolution to call a new election. In other words, the Pinks want to serve as the counter-balance of the Reds.

The Reds' core leaders immediately branded the Pinks a front for the Yellow Shirts. But the Pink leaders insisted that they are doing this as free thinkers and independent minds. They think the Reds have unfairly put pressure on the government and have somehow "monopolized" the right to protest.

"As equal members of society, we would like to exercise our rights to air our opinion as well. We believe in peaceful protests and would avoid any possible violence at all cost," said the joint statement read out by the Pink members who numbered a few thousands in their first rally at Lumpini Park, after Chulalongkorn University closed it doors to the group.

The anti-Red movement seems to have expanded rapidly. As soon as the Pink group ended their rally at Lumpini Park, another group -- from the tourism business -- lined up at the same location to make their stand as well.

Tomorrow, another group of Bangkokians will gather at Suanluang Rama 9 park to deliver their joint statement against the call for House dissolution.

The Reds will be launching another "offensive" today. As of the time I am writing this, one of their leaders, Nattawut Saikua, is saying tomorrow's operatons remains a secret "but we will strictly stick to our peaceful and non-violent policy."

We shall see.


Steve said...

Hmmm....."We believe in peaceful protests and would avoid any possible violence at all cost".

Seems that the "suddenly pink" fine words were not matched by fine actions:

Boonsong said...

Looks like rainbow protests....

Ghafar said...

The pinks are only a few hundreds elderly Chinese ladies Ah Ma while the Reds are hundreds of thousands so there is no way they can beat the Reds.

Steve said...

Ghafar - I recall quite a few "elderly Chinese ladies" in yellow at GH and at the airports..... while the balaclava-wearing "guards" did their best to stay out of camera shot (fortunately not always successfully).

Anyhow, no balaclavas in evidence with the current yellow [cough, excuse me, cough] PINK protest - yet.