Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The paradox of street chaos

PM Abhisit Vejjajiva admits that there has been pressure for him to "take drastic actions" against the red protestors, especially after they took over Rajprasong Intersection, Bangkok's business central district."

"I also wanted to take that route. But for the sake of national interests, we have to be cautious and to follow the step-by-step plan, trying to disperse the crowd in a proper way -- starting with a soft approach to a stern one when the situation warrants," he said.

Abhisit apparently wants to avoid bloodshed. The reds know that. That's why yesterday, they launched more defiant moves , roaming the prohibited areas of Bangkok, hoping to pile up pressure on the government to dissolve Parliament.

Ironically, it's exactly because of such street chaos that adds to the PM's argument that an early election at this time would result in this kind of uncontrollable turmoil on the campaign trails.

This face-off threatens to be a prolonged one.