Thursday, April 1, 2010

New election in 3 to 6 months

Will there be more negotiations between PM Abhisit and the Red Shirts?

Before the third round of talks can be held, some unofficial talks would need to be held to reach some sort of a general agreement on the timeframe of a new election.

At this point, the red shirts want the PM to dissolve the House in 15 days while the PM insists that the government would need at least nine months. Both sides, it seems, are willing to be flexbile although publicly the red shirted leaders sound more determined to stand by their stand.

But there are indications that the red shirts may be using the proposed 3-month deadline submitted by a group of academics as a new prop, meaning that they may be willing to accept a three-month timeframe. The government, it seems, is also ready to offer another concession -- to a six-month timeline.

My take as of today is: The final outcome may be somewhere between three to six months.