Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thailand: a Mango Republic?

Thailand turning into a Mango Republic?

Time magazine's reporter Hannah Beech, who grew up in Bangok, has written a column saying Thailand suffers from ceaseless spasms of political instability because its democracy is broken.

Then she adds:

"In the facile political taxonomy we use to categorize nations, Thailand is considered a democracy. Yet the country remains, if not a banana republic, a juicy, messy mango republic...."

And if you take into consideration the terms "water melon soldiers" and "tomato policemen" in the current political context, we have fully arrived at an advanced state of "vegetarian politics."


busababun said...

vegetaian politic = fresh ,colurful ,vitamin, useful

sokheounpang said...

Vegetarian politic is a good term for thailand, but this can be sensed and corlorful only if the farmers take care of it and the govt listen to the famers, and fulfil its role to help/support them.

aatchara said...

We are also Watermelon Republic and
Tomato Republic.

Vichai N said...

Thailand is perhaps an 'Eyjafjallajökull' kingdom . . . with very volcanic politics, lots of smoke followed by lots of ashes (or should it be asses?)