Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As Bangkok burns, Thaksin goes shopping in Paris

Someone saw Thaksin Shinawatra and one of his daughters shopping in Paris on Saturday just as Bangkok was burning -- and he was one of the key players in that turmoil, at that.

The picture was said to have been taken by a Malaysian who happened to be in the brand-name shop just as Thaksin was seen enjoying a buying spree.

Post Today published two pictures on Page One this morning to show the stark contradiction: As Thaksin's daughter Praetongthan is enjoying the luxury goods at a shop in Paris, Seh Daeng's daughter, Khattiya, is crying over her father's dead body that was being carried out of the hospital.

Seh Daeng, or Maj Gen Khattiya Sawasdiphol, died yesterday after having been shot a few days earlier by an obvious assassin. He was one of Thaksin's close aides and was instrumental in organizing the confrontation between some of the red shirts and the government's soldiers.

Whoever said life is fair, in love and war?


ohm thailand said...

you just said Taksin can not come to Europe country how this picture can be in paris?///?who is a big lier...

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