Friday, May 21, 2010

Detained red leaders on vacation?

These pictures have been posted on various social media sites with captions asking: "Are they supposed to be in jail or on vacation?"

The top picture shows Nattawut Saikuea, one of the red shirts, who have been detained together with other protest leaders since yesterday on various charges, including terrorism. Officially, they were supposed to have taken to Naraesuan Camp in Hua Hin for interrogation, not to enjoy a seaside holiday.

The other picture is supposed to be a "detention room." It looks more like a resort villa to many though.


Jan said...

where did you find that image?

Jan said...

isn't it a bit strange that there is a date imprint? modern cams don't do it, seems like someone put on with photoshop. so i don't know that sais a lot.