Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sukhumbhand's definition of a 'failed state' and 'failed govt'

M.R. Sukhumbhand Baripatra, governor of Bangkok and a senior member of the ruling Democrat Party, has challenged anyone who says Thailand is now a "failed state."

He told Matichon in an interview: "There is apparently a misunderstanding when you say Thailand is a failed state. All the mechanisms of a normal state are still with us. If anything, we may have a failed government which hasn't been able to manage things the way it should have...."

The Bangkok governor was acting as the government's enjoy in holding a few sessions of talks with Red Shirt leader Nattawut Saikeau. But after a few rounds of unannounced negotiations, the premier instructed him to call a halt to the talks with the protest leaders.

"Why did the PM ask me to be the emissary in this case? Don't forget I was a diplomat before," M.R. Sukhumbhand said.

His personal ties with the premier have had their ups and downs. But don't ask him what were the ups and which were the downs. Don't forget he was once a diplomat.

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