Monday, May 31, 2010

It's 'War over Clips' in the House

It's going to be a "War of Clips" between the governmet and the opposition in the House today and tomorrow. Both sides are using video clips against the other side.

The debate won't be much about the gist of the real issues. Rather, most of the House time will be waste over which clip is to be allowed to be presented during the debate. House Speaker Chai Chidchob has appointed a three-party committee to check whether all the clips would be "appropriate" or not. Two opposition MPs named to the committee have quit, saying the government MPs were dominating the deliberations. The House speaker insists that he won't allow any clip that's not approved first to be presented.

The opposition has been alloted 18 hours, the govt 13 hours for the debate. Most interesting of all: 7 hours have been set aside for the distracting tactics employed by both sides to raise protest against speakers from the other side.

In other words, they all know what game they play and they even decided to allocate a huge amount of time for such wasteful practice!