Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thaksin, Abhisit spar over citizenship: Are you Thai enough?

Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva posed an interesting question to Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday:

"Do you want to give up Thai citizenship now that you have got a Montenegran passport?"

If you want to take that as a sarcastic comment, you certainly aren't too much off the mark.

But even if Thaksin should take that up in a serious way, Abhisit was quick to point out that adopting Montenegran citizenship won't absolve him from the "terrorism" charge.

Thaksin, you guessed it, wouldn't take that sitting down. He shot back in a volley of tweets, one of which said it's Abhisit who should surrender his Thai citizenship since he had ordered the murder of so many protestors.

So, now you have a new war of words before the real one starts in the House Monday when Thaksin's opposition Pheau Thai Party launches the long-awaited no-confidence motion againsts Abhisit government.

What a pity. Thaksin isn't here to lead the assault. That would be a real, fair war!

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