Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The 3 'Ps' in green ...and their 'political advice'

Is the military behind the ongoing frantic effort to form a Democrat-led new coalition government?

Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Anupong Paochinda says he has only been given his personal advice to the politicians. He denies playing an active role as alleged by the Peau Thai Party members, who stand on the other side of the Democrats.

But there is no secret that Gen Anupong (nicknamed "Big Pok") has been holding close consultation with two other generals -- Gen Pravitr Wongsuwan, a former army chief, and Gen Prayudh Chan-ohcha, the current army's chief-of-staff.

Gen Anupong has insisted that he won't stage a coup. He has also gone on television to make his political stance clear. After the Oct 7 police attacks against the PAD demonstrators in front of Parliament House, he said in a television appearance that: "If I were Prime Minister Somchai (Wongsawat), I would quit."

He later led the task force of advisers to the premier to tell the public that the Somchat government should dissolve the House to call a new election.

No doubt, the "Three Musketeers" are being closely watched by political observers.

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