Monday, December 29, 2008

Red Rally and the Democrats...war of attrition

What's wrong? The protestors think "hijacking" MPs from the pro-Thaksin camp was wrong. This morning, the red-shirted protestors were surrounding the Parliament House to make their dissatisfaction known.

Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva was holding out at the Democrat Party headquarters, saying he could wait until the protestors could ensure the safety of MPs to enter the Parliament building to attend the session that will hear him deliver the new government's policy statement.

"I won't walk over blood-soaked bodies to deliver my statement," he declared, apparently referring to the Oct 7 incident in which many yellow-shirted protestors were injured at the same site when they tried to prevent the Somchai Wongsawat government from delivering the policy statement.

The protest leaders, however, said they won't block the entrance to the Parliament House. "We will let the MPs in but they have to enter on foot," one of the protest leaders said.

Will Abhisit make that walk through the protestors this morning?

Not very likely. Suthep Thuaksuban, the deputy premier, told reporters this morning: "No, we won't take the risk. On Dec 15, when the House met to vote on the prime minister, some MPs' cars were smashed. How can we be sure?"

Keep waiting. Democracy means freedom to express your views. It also means you have to be very patient indeed.

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