Friday, December 12, 2008

Thaksin promises to give his best-ever statement on the phone

The organizers of tomorrow evening's red-shirted rally started "hyping" Thaksin Shinawatra's scheduled "phone-in" today with a blaze of publicity.

"The Democrats are already shaken by what the former prime minister is going to say in his phone-in. He told me that he was well-prepared for the presentation and it would be his best ever speech," said Nattawut Saigua, the government's spokesman and a core leader of the "red-shirted movement."

Is he going to "expose" Newin Chidchob, one of his former right-hand men, who has broken away to help the Democrats form the new government?

Nattawut would not deny that. After all, that's what promises to be the crowd-pleaser. Stay tuned on this blog!

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