Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newin, the king-maker: I still respect Thaksin but...

Newin Chidchob, once former Premier Thaksin Shinnawatra's right-man operative, has emerged as the new "king-maker" to give his former boss' a real nightmare: Making the opposition Democrat Party the core of the new government thereby blocking Thaksin's effort to get his Peau Thai Party back to power.

Newin's faction of about 30 MPs from the Northeast has defected from Thaksin's party to the other side. The unthinkable has happened. Today, Newin was seen embracing Abhisit Vejjajiva publicly, forming a new alliance that one a week ago was considered impossible.

"I still respect Thaksin. He is still my boss. But sometimes, we have to make decisions that benefit the country rather than satisfying personal aspirations," Newin said. Yesterday, one of his aides quoted Newin as having told Thaksin on the phone:

"It's all over, boss. We will have to go separate ways..."

No permanent friends or enemies in politics. You don't need any more blatant example in real life.

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