Thursday, December 11, 2008

What if you gave a party and nobody came?

Snoh Tiangtong thought he was being groomed as the new "kingmaker" for Thaksin Shinawatra. He threw a party at his house last evening, trying to present the perception that he can still call the shots. But the guests he wanted most refused to show up. Only members of Thaksin's Peau Thai Party were there.

Snoh wanted Gen Chetta Thanacharo, leader of Ruamjai Thai Chatpattana, to be the main guest. He also called up Police Gen Pracha Promnok, newly-elected leader of Peau Paendin, to be there. The two have been proposed as possible candidates for the premiership if Thaksin could pull off the "switch" back from the Democrats through Snoh's good offices.

But Snoh must have found to his chagrin that his charisma had evaporated. Pracha said he was taken ill. Chetta said he was seeing a dentist. And Ruamjai Thai's Secretary General Pradit Patraprasit called reporters at Snoh's residence to declare that if Chetta showed up at the party, he was only representing himself -- and would have nothing to do with the party's position which was to back the Democrats to form the next government.

If there was such thing as a free dinner, very few politicians were ready to go for it. The price may be too high.

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