Monday, January 5, 2009

A Buddhist monk's 9 wishes for 2009

In case you were wondering what your New Year's wishes should be, here are the 9 wishes for 2009 of one of Thailand's most respected young Buddhist monks, Phra Maha Wuthichai Vajiramedhi or "Than Woh" as published in the Daily Xpress this morning. If it sounds rather political, bear in mind that even our monks have been dragged into the political whirlwind these days:

1. May the prime minister become a full-fledged leader and avoid serving as a nominee.
2. May Thai people lear to understand, to love and to unite because we can't slip lower than this.
3. May Thailand avoid a civil war.
4. May the red and yellow shirts fade into oblivion.
5. May politicians belonging to the family of "greed, lust, dishonour and tricks" become extinct.
6. May the Thai economy keep up with India and China.
7. May we not lose our freedom to use wisdom.
8. May corruption not return and become the mainstream culture.
9. May the fortune-tellers refrain from making their unwelcome remarks.

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