Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red shirts, protest rallies, money and where is Thaksin?

The "Red Shirts" have postponed their planned rally against Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya from Jan 22-24 to "sometime after Chinese New Year's celebrations."


According to Kwanchai Praipana, leader of "We Love Udon" group in the Northeast, the financial support has dried up. He came to the headquarters of Pheau Thai Party yesterday to meet Yaowapa Shinawatra (Thaksin's sister) and Boonsong Teriyapirom, another party's senior member. He wanted to know how his movement against the Abhisit government would be subsidized.

Yaowapa was too busy for him. His talk with Boonsong produced no apparent result.

"I am personally in financial straits. I am still paying my home mortgage. My car is attached to a finance firm. The community radio that I run is losing moeny. I have to borrow money to survive. My monthly expenses amount to over 90,000 baht...I want the party to help me out..." Kwanchai told reporters.

Support wasn't forthcoming. So, he said the red-shirted rally against the new foreign minister will be postponed.

Well, you don't hold a protest close to Chinese New Year's celebrations in the first place. "People are too busy with the celebrations anyway..." he confessed.

Where's Thaksin when his resources were so badly needed?

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