Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chalit: Thaksin should just confess his wrongdoings...and seek mercy

Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukpasuk, the ex-acting chairman of the coup group that toppled Thaksin Shinnawatr on Sept 19, 2006 now says the ex-premier should conduct some real soul-searching -- and he will discover that the only way out for him is to confess his wrongdoings and seek mercy from concerned authoriteis -- and the Thai people.

"Thai people are usually kind-hearted. If you have done something wrong and make a clean breast of it, then I am sure the Thai people would be willing to forgive you," the ex-air force chief said in an interview broadcast this morning on FM100.5 in one his rare frank statements on political issues.

Apparently disturbed by accusations by some pro-Thaksin elements that he had become suspicously wealthy by building three "large mansions" for his family, ACM Chalit invited military affairs reporter Wasana Nanuam to inspect his new house. The reporter said on her radio programme that the house was reasonably modest.

Chalit told her: "If Thaksin conducts a sobre soul-searching and avoids being surrounded by his yes-men, he would find out that the best way for him is to admit that he had done wrong and then ask for forgiveness...."

Will Thaksin take that piece of advice? Of course not. He has declared on several recent occasions that he is returning to politics in full force "because I have been cornered."

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