Friday, January 2, 2009

Thaksin: I regret nothing

It seems Thaksin Shinawatra is using the Middle East as one of his springboards
from which to do his political battle to regain political influence back in Thailand.

His latest public exposure comes in the cover of the new issue of "CEO Middle East" magazine under the headline: "Thaksin Shinawatra on People, Power and Poverty." The more telling headline is on Page 44 where, he declared, in French: "Je Ne Regrette Rien." or "I Regret Nothing."

The content of the interview, by the magazine's reporter Anil Bhoyrul, billed as "the first exclusive interview in 18 months," contained nothing dramatically new. Thaksin was quoted as repeating his innocence, his love and devotion for the poor, and his determination to return to power to help them.

Perhaps, the only relatively new disclosure was when Thaksin told the reporter that he was certain that he could restore Thailand's position in the world if he could return to power. "That's why I have decided to return to politics. And that's why my wife asked to divorce me."

For him charity doesn't necessarily begin at home, or so it seems.

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