Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eggs: Weapons of mass (political) destruction?

Believe it or not, "egg" is now considered a kind of "weapon" in Thai police's interpretation. You could be jailed for throwing an egg at somebody.

Deputy Police Chief Chongrak Chutamas said according to Thai law, if you hurl an egg at somebody else, you could be jailed for two years or fined 4,000 baht because "the egg shell could cause bruises that take a week to heal."

Well, you can't blame Thai police for not being unimaginative. Last time, when the yellow-shirted leaders were on the offensive, they hurled the "treason" charge against them. Now, with a new government im power, they have gone one step further. Eggs hve become weapons of massive destruction, politically anyway.

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absolutely said...

Never mind if you wear the right color and carry a ping pong bomblet, but an egg, a khai daeng, nanana ...

Egg warfare, another glorios Thai invention.