Monday, January 12, 2009

Rising fortunes of the Democrats

With the election of M.R. Sukhumband Paribatra as Bangkok governor yesterday, following closely from the rise to the premiership of Abhisit Vejjajiva, the 60-year-old Democrat Party is riding the wave of unprecedented political ascent.

And the new-found prominence of the Democrats isn't confined to the domestic political scene. With Surin Pitsuwan and secretary general of Asean and Dr Supachai Panitchapakdi as secretary general of UNTAC, the Democrat Party can claim a unique position in the international arena as well.

Yesterday's by-election results, in which the party made a surprising gain of seven seats, will also give the Abhisit's coalition government a boost.

How long can they sustain the new political fortune is another question.

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pwog, 23, London, UK; Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Supachai Panitchapakdi is not the SecGen of UNTAC (UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia), but rather of UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development)

UNTAC ended its mission in Sep 1993; UNCTAD continues today as the UN's primary venue for trade and investment negotiation.

Some care, please, in the quality of political reporting.