Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abhisit says his main opponent is Yingluck...but is she?

He might have jumped the gun but Abhisit Vejjajiva seemed determined to pit himself against Yingluck Shinawatra in the next election. The real battle, of course, is between him and Thaksin.

During the briefing session with the Democrat Party's candidates yesterday, the Democrat leader did not hesitate to compare himself to Yingluck, assuming that he could beat her in all areas despite the fact that it still wasn't confirmed whether she will really be the No 1 on the Pheau Thai's party list, which is due to be unveiled tomorrow.

The Democrats apparently are ready to do battle with Yingluck, hoping to convince voters to choose between Abhisit's political experience and Yingluck's image of a novice in politics. "It's a choice between continuity and uncertainty," Abhisit told his party members. That appears to be the theme of the Democrat Party's campaign.

Thaksin, of course, has gone all out fo instruct his Pheau Thai Party candidates to get out and tell voters that their livelihood will improve in six months if they vote Pheau Thai in in a big way.

It would be interesting to hear from Thaksin how he is portraying his sister as his latest nominee.

Yingluck could turn out to be Thaksin's trump card -- or his swan song, depending on how she performs in this crucial campaign.

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