Sunday, May 1, 2011

Abhisit's last TV show: My wife doesn't want me in politics

Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva went on television for his last weekly "Have Confidence in Thailand" programme today with a large number of TV anchors who had interviewed him in the past two years. A total of 190 anchors have taken part in the programme.

He insisted that the party that wins the highest number of seats in the House should be given the first chance to form the next government. "If that fails, the second largest party would have the right to do so," he said.

Abhisit says he doesn't agree with the "Vote No" campaign although it's constitutionally legitimate. "A No vote would be a waste. At least, voters should cast ballots to choose the representatives who can improve things in the country," he said.

How does his wife think about his political role? The PM says: "If you really ask her, she would prefer that I don't get involved in politics. But she also says that since I am here,I must do my best. I am not sure whether she would cast her ballot for me."

He added: "One thing I can assure you is that I don't bring my problems in the office back to my family."

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Kris said...

He was at least 2 times near to be killed by Redshirt during posted as PM, 1st at Pataya Asean Summit and 2nd at Internal Affair Ministry. He may be the most Die Hard PM of this Kingdom.