Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thinking the unthinkable (1)

Some political pundits have suggested some "never-say-never" scenarios including one that may put Thaksin Shinawatra's Pheu Thai Party with Gen Sonthi Bunyaratakalin in a coalition government after the election.

That would be one of the greatest paradoxes in Thai politics, of course. Sonthi led the Sept 19, 2006 coup that toppled Thaksin. But Thaksin, now in exile, has been saying that he is ready to compromise with all parties concerned. In fact, he has said that even if his party wins an absolute majority, he would still be asking a few small parties to join in a coalition "because the last time we won 377 seats, we decided to form a single-party government and that got many people jealous. We don't want to repeat that..."

Gen Sonthi, now leader of Matipooom Party,is contest vigorously in the election. He has also been talking about national reconciliation.

So, should Thaksin and Sonthi decide to really forget the past, their coming together in a coalition would indeed a something to contemplate.

Even if that may raise a few eye-brows.

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